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Kimberly Cole

Healing in Harmony
185 Putnam Pike
t, RI 02814

Thursdays 9-5pm
Fridays 9-5
Saturdays 9-3pm


Soul Sanctuary
808 Tiogue Avenue 
Coventry, RI

Mondays by appt
Tuesdays 9-3pm

Wednesdays 1-7pm
Thursday- 9-3
Fridays 9-3


Dance Country
1666 Route 12
Gales F
erry, CT

Mondays By appointment

Inner Sanctuary RI promotes a passion for wellness through several modalities  including Reflexology, Reiki and Yoga                                                     

The benefits of these services are numerous, including:

  • relaxation

  • improved circulation

  • reduced pain and stress

  • increased mobility

  • and more!

As a facilitator, there is nothing like witnessing the transformation that takes place within my clients as they relax, surrender and allow the body to heal itself. 

It's time to put yourself first and take care of your own well-being, at Inner Sanctuary RI! 

Services Offered

Reiki Treatment
Warrior One
30 minutes- $50         
60 minutes- $85               
90 minutes- $125

All things are infused with energy, including our bodies.  These practices will help you to go within, relax and enhance the flow of energy.  A relaxed body can heal itself!

"The best time for relaxation is when you don't have time for it."
Sydney J. Harris

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