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About Me

Growing up in a rural town of Rhode Island, I spent a lot of time outdoors, in nature. Whether I was walking in the woods or sitting by the water, nature always made me feel better.  I would sit and contemplate life.  I could go within and be guided on how to solve my life's problems.  Oftentimes as adults, we become so busy, we sometimes lose this ability to go within.  I want to offer practices to those that are trying to find that inner Self, so they can heal from within, with services that assist the body in removing disrupted energy and allow the body to bring itself back to health. 


I have been a teacher for many years.  I began my career teaching adults and adolescents having mild to severe disabilities within both academic and residential settings.  I then taught in the public schools for the past 25 years, in addition to a basic yoga class for adults.  Through my experience, I have learned that both children and adults can learn to slow down, breathe, and go within, soothing themselves and calming anxiety.  My hope is that both children and adults will find relaxation and well-being from my services at Inner Sanctuary RI. 

Kimberly Cole

Qualifications/ Education


  • Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman- January 2024

  • Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children (GTR4BC) with Sue Ricks- September 2023.

  • Certified in the Bergman Method of Advanced Facial Reflexology - Completed February 2023.

  • Certified in the Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology- Completed December 2022.

  • Certified by American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)- October 2022.

  • 100 hour certification in Hand Reflexology by Kelly Urso of Footprints Reflexology, Westerly, Rhode Island- completed May 2022.

  • Secretary for Reflexology Association of RI (RARI), July 2023-current.

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course through Udemy with Jessica Fleming, April 2022.

  • Cadaver Study at University of Rhode Island with RARI (Reflexology Association of RI) and John P. McLinden MS, PT- Feb 2022, Feb 2023.

  • Peaceful Babes Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Ages 2-17 through Udemy with Jessica Fleming, Feb 2022. 

  • Professional Accredited Chair Yoga Teacher Training through Udemy with Dr. Karen Wells & Lisbeth Skovmand, January 2022.

  • Reiki I, II, and Master Teacher program through Udemy with Lisa Powers, January 2022.

  • 200 Hour Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training at All That Matters, Wakefield, RI with Devarshi Steven Hartman- May 2020.

  • 200 hour certification in Foot Reflexology by Therese Magnan, NBCR of The Center for Universal Reflexology & The Rhode Island Reflexology Academy- August 2010.

  • Reiki I, II, and Master Certifications completed with Sherry Kachanis, March 2010.


  • ​​BS in Elementary Education Grades 1-6 and Special Education for Mild/Moderate Disabilities Grades K-12, Rhode Island College, 1993.

  • M. Ed in Severe/Profound Disabilities, Rhode Island College, 1996.


  • Reflexology Association of RI (RARI)

  • Reflexology Association of America (RAA)

  • National Council for Reflexology Educators

  • International Reiki Association


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